Gratry International Growth Fund

Consider the Gratry International Growth Fund

Gratry International Growth Fund may be appealing to the investor seeking portfolio diversification benefits from developed and emerging markets outside the United States.

The Fund is constructed by carefully selecting names from our developed market large-cap universe, and complementing them with several of the world’s most established companies domiciled in emerging markets. The maximum exposure to emerging markets in this strategy is 25% of the portfolio value.

Gratry & Company is the investment adviser to the Fund, which was established in June 2013.

Unique Attributes of Gratry & Company

  • Thirty-two Years of Investment Experience
    • For over three decades, Gratry & Company has built wealth by purchasing what we believed at the time to be high-quality, well-managed businesses at attractive prices and holding them for the long term.
    • The firm oversees approximately $700 million for individuals, trusts, endowments, foundations, and corporate pension plans.
  • Research-driven approach
    • A top-down and bottom-up process captures high-potential opportunities in overseas equity markets
  • Aligned with Shareholders
    • With a substantial stake invested side by side with fellow shareholders, the portfolio management team experience the same risks and reap the same rewards.
  • Long-Term Investment Results
    • Gratry & Company has a history of delivering strong, consistent investment results through full market cycles.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. The Fund invests in foreign securities which may be more volatile than those of U.S. securities because of economic and social conditions abroad, political developments, and changes in the regulatory environment of foreign countries. Foreign securities are also subject to currency risks as exchange rates can fluctuate. The risks of investing in foreign securities are heightened when investing in emerging market securities. ETFs typically trade on securities exchanges and their shares may, at times, trade at a premium or discount to their net asset values and may not replicate exactly the performance of the benchmark index it seeks to track. Please see the prospectus for a full explanation of the risk associate with the Fund.